A Look Into The Different Types Of Basketball Insoles

basketball insolesBasketball insoles are something that most people may not even think about when buying a new set of kicks.

Sure, you can pick up a new pair of basketball shoes and hit the court without thinking twice about it.

But did you know that you can get basketball insoles that may even be  more comfortable then the ones that came with your shoes?

You spend hours practicing and playing games so why not at least have comfortable basketball insoles for those grueling hours of work that you put in?

There is nothing worse than aching feet. Aching feet will literally wear you out and drain you. Lack of comfortable insoles with proper cushioning will result in your feet aching and hurting..

And that sucks…

In this article we’ll discuss some of the different types of insoles for your basketball shoes.


Best Basketball Insoles

This is one of those phrases that is constantly being asked.. What is the best this? .. What is the best that? …

I’m not going to get into trying to persuade you on what the best basketball insoles are because everybody’s body is different. Instead, I will go over some of the different types of insoles that you may want to consider in making your decision.

Supination Insoles

supination insolesFirst, what is supination?

Supination is when your feet role outwardly. What a supination insole will do is balance out your footing so that you will have the correct positioning, motion, and stability in your footing.

If you experience supination then you may want to start using this type of insole in your basketball shoes.

Pronation is the opposite – it’s when you feet roll inwardly. Using pronation insoles can help to correct this problem.

Flat Foot Insoles

flat foot insoles

These types of insoles are self explanatory and basically provide a supported arch for people with flat feet.

What happens with flat feet is the arch in the foot is meant to absorb the weight of your body when you come down with each step.

So, instead of your arch absorbing the weight it is then transferred to your lower back an can even cause back problems later in life.

As you can probably guess, when you’re playing basketball you should be using this type of insole if you’re flat footed. Plantar Fasciitis is another problem that has been associated with having flat feet.

Fallen Arches Insoles

This is the term for flat feet. Most people simply say flat feet instead of falling arches. It’s just easier for a person to understand flat feet in place of saying falling arches – though they are the same thing.

Foam Insoles

foam insolesThese types of insoles are usually referring to the kind of material the insoles are made from.

Most foam insoles are made out of memory foam like some of the contouring memory foam beds you may have seen in advertisements.

But be sure to check before you buy because every foam insole isn’t created equal or made from memory foam and can be made from plain foam.

Though they still provide good comfort you may be let down if you buy a pair of insoles with your hopes set on the memory foam only to realize that they’re not.

Carbon Fiber Insoles

carbon fiber insolesCarbon fiber insoles are designed to help with forefoot and mid-foot chronic injuries. The materials are typically made from different carbon and fiber composites as the name implies.

Some carbon fiber insoles even prevent foot odor and fungus from your feet.

These are also used as a way to provide extra support under other insoles as a way to further protect the foot from more injury with ailments like turf toe and even fractures.

These insoles are also referred to as Carbon Fiber inserts. Try searching for both references if you’re looking into buying some.

Fleece Insoles

fleece insolesThese insoles are made out of wool and though they look and feel comfortable I don’t know how these would fair in a pair of basketball shoes or if they should even be used for that purpose.

Basketball gets intense and these seem to be something used more for leisurely comfort and might not be able to withstand intense rounds of constant hustle and bustle on the basketball court.

I would probably stay away from using these for basketball and maybe use these for your slippers at home.

Besides, if your team mates were to see these you’ll probably become the laughing stock of the team.. 

Poron Insoles

poron insolesThese insoles are a medical grade insole made from cellular urethane which is a microcellular foam.

Even though they are medical grade you can still get these without having to have them prescribed by a podiatrist.

The special shock absorption material of these will give you an extra bounce on your feet.

One thing that’s good about these insoles is that they can maintain their cushioning properties for years giving you the most for your money.

Scholl Insoles

scholls insolesYou’re probably familiar with Dr. Scholls, or Scholl Insoles for short. I think Dr. Scholls may be the biggest recognizable brand when it comes to insoles.

These are high quality inserts for your feet and can be used for all types of shoes.

You can find a good pair of Scholls insoles for next to nothing and they actually work!

I actually own a few pairs of these and have been very satisfied with the results especially for the price.

For around $10 you can get a good quality pair of these..

Nike Insoles

nike insoles

Now I have no idea what is going on with Nike but there certainly is a market for them to produce insoles but for what ever reason they’re not selling them. A shoe giant like them probably doesn’t have time to mess around with insoles. I will say that their Lunaron insole that comes with some of their shoes are exceptional!

Kids Insoles

kids insolesIf you have a kid that plays basketball then you can also pick up kids insoles for his or her feet.

Always make sure you kids feet are comfortable. Ask them how their feet are feeling in their basketball shoes.

If you notice them acting like their feet are sore or hurting consider taking the time to find a good quality pair of insoles for their shoes.

You want them to enjoy the sport of basketball. They already have enough to learn and having aching feet will only make them want to quit playing basketball.

It’s like adding one more reason to give up the sport so make sure that your children are comfortable.

 The Last Shot:

A properly cushioned foot can make or break any effort you bring forth whenever you’re on the court. Basketball involves a lot of footwork, jumping, and running, and you definitely want to have insoles that feel good and can handle your foot workload.

Even though there are a lot of factors when picking a high quality basketball shoe insoles still play an important role in the entire process.

The very last thing you want is a pair of kicks that aren’t comfortable. You will have a difficult time trying to get through practice or a game let alone trying to keep up with what’s going on.

So make sure your insoles are working for you and not against you.  

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