How Cool Is A Light Up Basketball? Super Cool!

light up basketballWho would’ve ever thought there would be a day we would see a light up basketball?

It’s one of the coolest things to hoop at night and have your basketball completely light up in the dark.

I remember when I was younger and we would play ball into the night but back then we didn’t have glow in the dark basketballs.

I don’t know if there’s a real benefit of using one of these besides them just looking cool as they drift through the air and put a streak of light out as they go through the rim and net.

If you have a young athlete at home, your own hoop, and want to keep them motivated to play basketball then this type of basketball is a subtle way to keep them practicing, even when it gets dark.

Just the look and feel of the ball itself will hype up anybody to throw up some free throws at night…

Why use a light up basketball?

There are a few reasons why you may want to use a light up basketball…

You’ll have the ability to practice in the evenings and be entertained the entire time by the halo of light.

Maybe you have friends or family over on those warm summer nights and want to get a game of 3 on 3 going.

With this kind of basketball you can keep yourself and everyone else entertained for hours.

Yeah, how cool is that?

Throw a few cold gatorades off to the side of the court, grab your basketball and start up a game of twenty one.. You can literally make up any reason to use one of these basketballs.

Who is a light up basketball for?

light up basketball 3These basketballs are for everybody to use. Even though they may be mainly for night entertainment purposes they still have a place in other areas as well.

If you’re training or want to practice at night then you’ll have the ability to do that with this glow in the dark b-ball.

This ball can used for recreational purposes as well as training purposes. If you have a basketball hoop at your house you won’t be limited to just playing ball during the day.

Maybe you have younger kids and want to keep them off of video games and social media every now an again. The coolness of this ball is enough to persuade them to take a break from all of the other distractions and go shoot some hoops.

Even at night..

Where can you get a light up basketball?

You can find these kind of basketballs at online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. That’s not saying they aren’t being sold anywhere else, just saying that some of the more popular online sites and sporting goods stores will obviously be selling them.

You can also check with your local sporting goods stores and they may be selling them as well. This might be one of those items that you can only find online.

I don’t know if these basketballs are popular enough among the masses for a lot of stores to be selling them locally.


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 The Last Shot:

This is a unique basketball compared to regular basketballs. I like the idea of being able to entertain family and friends and also watch this thing bounce around and leave light streaks at night.

If you’re into the game of basketball and find yourself out past dark still dribbling and shooting around then this will be a good option for you to have at your finger tips.

Additionally, you can use this for all recreational and training purposes for your athletes or kids at home who continually strive to better their game.

Pick up a light up basketball today and experience everything that is awesome about it!

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