Best Purple Basketball Shoes Overview

purple basketball shoesIn this article we’ll go over some of the best purple basketball shoes in the market today. There a lot of shoe brands out that are made of high quality materials and new shoe technolgies.

Nike is one of, if not the biggest, (and if not that, they are certainly the most popular) shoe manufacturer on the planet.

We have some popular purple basketball shoes that we’ll go over in greater detail in this article.

If you’re a basketball athlete then you know the importance of a good shoe that has great traction, support and is comfortable.

A lot of basketball shoes that were made in the past were typically heavy and clunky. With the modern technology shoe companies are continually creating they now have the ability to manufacture light weight basketball shoes that still have a tremendous amount of ankle support.

Since shoes are constantly coming out this article will have to be updated whenever a new purple basketball shoe releases. We all know the shoe game is constantly evolving and is a multi billion dollar industry in the United States alone.

That’s not even mentioning how popular the shoe industry is around the globe.

So, with all that said let’s go ahead and get right into it!

Lebron Soldier 11

The Nike Lebron Soldier 11 is one of the best shoes in the market right now. These purple basketball shoes are designed for all around comfort and support.

This shoe is made out of a light weight foam mesh that provides ventilation and keeps your feet from over heating.

The hook and loop locking strap support system will keep your feet stable throughout the entire game when the intensity is high and its crunch time.

The inside is plushed out with the Nike Zoom cushioning technology so your feet will be comfortable to help minimize fatigue.

The rubber traction soles are top notch quality and will give you the ability to make those fast breaks, mean crossovers, and lane cuts without slipping.

  • Foam mesh.
  • Hook and loop locking support straps.
  • Nike Zoom cushioning.
  • Rubber traction sole.
  • Comes in different colors.

Kyrie 3

Even though the Kyrie 3’s are an older shoe, this shoe is equipped with responsive cushioning, support and great traction for basketball play.

The rounded sole on these shoes are good for being able to play at multiple angles at different speeds on the basketball court.

The support is flexible with an added band and also comes with Nikes Flywire technology. They provide you a light weight feel with the ability to make those fast cuts and switch ups on the court.

  • Responsive cushioning.
  • Flywire technology.
  • Multiple angled soles.

Nike PG 1

The Paul George 1 is designed for ultimate fierceness on the court for any basketball player on defense and offense.

These shoes were designed for quick response engagement when transitioning from offense to defense or vice versa on the hardwood.

Equipped with Flywire technology and an inner sleeve in the shoe for even more comfort and stability.

The responsive cushioning provides comfort and at the same time the ability to shift in between plays quickly without problems.

  • Locked-down Stability.
  • Responsive cushioning.
  • All around comfort.

Purple Chuck Taylors

We know athletes don’t play basketball in these anymore but they’re purple so we had to include them..

The classic Chuck Taylor All Stars were created in 1923 and branded around a basketball player named Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor. The guy was literally a basketball player and a salesman that would travel throughout the country and hold basketball clinics at high schools and at the same time he would sell the shoes.

Chuck Taylors are mainly worn for fashion and power lifting in gyms today. We all have a pair of these somewhere around the house. I’m actually wearing some right now as I write this article…

…Except they’re not purple.

  • Classic shoe.

 The Last Shot:

It doesn’t matter what color shoes you have to play a good game of basketball, but if you’re looking for purple basketball shoes then there are a lot of options available out there for you today…

Besides, who knew Chuck Taylor was actually a salesman at the same time as being a basketball player and was helping to push the Converse line even further. Chucks might not be as popular as they are today if it wasn’t for his diligent work…

In any event, I hope that you found this article useful and learned some new things.

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