I Don’t Know If This Sport Is For Me – Should I Quit Basketball?

should i quit basketball

You opened up your laptop and typed those dreaded words into the search engine… should I quit basketball? 

When you get to a point where you don’t know if you should continue on or not there are some things you always need to consider before you make your final decision.

At the end of the day its your decision to make. Basketball is a great sport and the positives can certainly outweigh the negatives.

One thing you need to have is the undying love for basketball, or any sport for that matter, in order to carry on and make it through those tough times.

In this article we’ll go over some of the positives about basketball but keep in mind that it’s really hard for me to be negative as this entire site is based around basketball. But again, this decision will ultimately be yours and no one else’s to make about deciding to continue on playing basketball.

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

#1. The Health Benefits of Basketball

Basketball consists of running up and down the court over and over again which in the end has a great cardiovascular advantage to your health.

As an athlete learn to appreciate the ability to do these things with ease. Believe it or not, one day you will age and these abilities will become more difficult to do with each passing day.

You will also incorporate strength and conditioning training that will give you the ability to push through not just a basketball game, but push through life itself.

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Focus

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

#2. Teamwork and Camaraderie

As the saying goes..

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.

There is nothing more beneficial then learning how to work as a team with your fellow comrades.

Believe it or not, learning how to work with others is a life lesson that you will take on with you forever. Interactivity with other people is crucial to your success in life and society.

You may even have people you don’t necessarily like on your team, which you’re going to experience in everyday life, but learning how to work as a team and set those feelings aside for a greater purpose is what really matters.

  • Teamwork
  • Camraderie
  • The ability to work with others for a greater purpose

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

 #3. Learning Discipline

Discipline is one of the most single important things that we all must learn in life. Without discipline you will fail at everything.

I know that may sound harsh but it’s true. We have to teach ourselves self discipline in order to reach goals that we set out for ourselves.

If you have no discipline then you will have no accountability for anything that you do and in turn you will ruin any efforts you’re trying to achieve and at the same time form a bad habit of lacking discipline.

  • Accountabilty
  • Break bad habits
  • Self discipline

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

 #4. Inspiring Others

You might not know it but when you’re working diligently at something like basketball you can actually inspire others to want to do better not only in sports but in life.

Think about this for a minute, have you ever watched the pros in the league play and felt like you wanted to play right then in there? Or even had a boost of inspiration from your favorite NBA stars?

Well, you don’t have to be a professional basketball player to inspire others to do better.

Always remember that.. You’re in inspiration to others!

  • Inspiration to others
  • People are watching you even when it doesn’t feel like it

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

 #5. Getting a Scholarship and Going To College

When you’re focused on basketball you have to maintain an academic standard in order to be able to play. This academic standard alone can grant you a scholarship to college.

Not to mention what you’re athletic capabilities might be on the court. Schools love students that excel in sports and in academics, that’s just the way it is..

Don’t pass up an opportunity to get a scholarship and go to college for free! Even if you don’t end up playing basketball professionally there are so many doors you can open up for your future.

  • Obtain a scholarship and go to college
  • Set yourself up for a bright future

 Should I quit basketball?’ Well, think about.. 

#6. Making A Career Out Of Basketball

The ultimate achievement of all the hard work you put in over the years can payoff big time!

Imagine doing something that you love and getting paid for it. Once you have the love for the game in your heart then all of the other things will fall in place.

Basketball is a lucrative business and athletes can make hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars! You can set up your family for generations to come for life.

  • Getting paid to do something you love
  • Millions of dollars to be made
  • Set up your family for life

 The Last Shot:

I hope this article was a positive reinforcement on why you shouldn’t quit basketball. If the love for the game is there but you feel like you need a break then by all means take a break..

Sometimes we all need a break and that’s fine, but remember that basketball can change your future for the better if you want it to.

Maybe you’re going through a tough time right now and don’t know which direction you should go.. just remember that emotions are temporary and not to make an irrational decision based on what you feel right away.

Step back, evaluate your situation, then go from there. I hope this article helps you out no matter what decision you make.

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