7 Reasons Why Basketball Is The Best Sport

why basketball is the best sportLet’s talk about why basketball is the best sport…

Basketball was invented in 1891 with a mere 13 rules to the game.

One hundred plus years later and who would’ve thought this sport would be as successful as it is today?

Well, if we were alive back then we would’ve thought basketball was the best thing ever because that’s what we think today.

In this article we’re going to go over 7 reasons why basketball is the best sport to grow akin to.

You have to admit..

The Kevin Durant silhouette next to this paragraph is super cool!

Ok, that’s enough of the introduction, let’s jump right in.

Reason #1 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Gave Us Michael Jordan

micheal jordan

Basketball gave us who is considered to be ‘the greatist athlete of all-time’… Michael Jordan! There has been a lot of great basketball players throughout the years but MJ changed the game immensely!

He was an inspiration to guys like Kobe Bryant, All Iverson, and so many more. Everybody wanted to be like mike and it was amazing to watch him play and see the things he would do on the court.

Not to mention that his Jordan shoe brand took off and has never stopped. Even until this day the Jordan shoe is one of the most popular and best selling shoes of all time.

air jordan 3

Even decades later…

So yeah, that is reason number uno!

Reason #2 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Inexpensive To Play

Here at TheBlockedShot we are all about basketball as you have probably noticed and love to promote anything related to the sport.

Basketball is one of the most inexpensive sports to get your kids involved in and most parents would agree with that being a plus because sports can get expensive fast.

Besides that, most kids absolutely love running back and forth down the court which brings us to our next reason why basketball is the best sport.

Reason #4 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Great Exercise

Basketball requires a tremendous amount of stamina, endurance, and agility. Not to mention running.

All of those fast breaks require a lot of speed and make for a great cardio and conditioning workout even though most people don’t look at it that way.

Why do you think you never see overweight basketball players? And we say that with no pun intended.

You will certainly get your exercise playing basketball. Another reason why basketball is the best sport…

Reason #3 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Easy To Learn

Basketball is by far one of the easiest sports to learn, though there are different types of offensive and defensive schemes the main concept behind basketball still remains simple.

Sports like football can get pretty complex for players as trying to remember multiple plays and read defenses and offenses can get tricky and a lot of studying of film and schemes needs to be done in order to understand what is actually going on.

Reason #5 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Simplistic Rules

Football is becoming more and more difficult to understand the rules of what players can and can’t do, what’s a catch and what’s not a catch, what’s a hold and what’s not a hold.

Imagine being a football player on the professional level and trying to play a game of emotion and passion all while trying not to get a penalty or having a touchdown later ruled incomplete because the ball bobbled when you caught it and hit the ground.

It makes it increasingly difficult to compete and still enjoy the game as a player and a fan. On the other hand, basketball still remains simple to understand for both the players and the fans.

Reason #6 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Loved Worldwide

At the time of this writing there are 12 major basketball leagues worldwide with markets that players can make a nice living at. In every market there are substantial fan bases to help fuel the sport.

Reason #7 Why Basketball Is The Best Sport:  Dunks Are Dope!

Now we all now that a dope dunk is just amazing! I don’t care who you are and you can literally not care for basketball one bit…

But… Once you see a dunk at it’s most perfected and climatic point….

There is nothing like it!

Crowds marvel at the best players soaring through the air looking almost surreal.

Check out some of the best dunks of 2017 here and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Dunks are dope!

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 The Last Shot:

These should be good enough reasons on why basketball is the best sport. No matter what sport you want to play we can all agree that basketball is up at the top of the list if not the best on the list.

We hope to keep the game supported by making articles of this nature and that you would consider getting your kids involved in basketball especially if they’re asking you to play. Getting your kid or kids involved in basketball will be one of the greatest joys you and them will have in life!

Not to mention the memories you’ll be able to cherish forever. You’ll remember everything from when they first started and had no idea how to play the game of basketball all the way to them playing through high school and college. With enough determination and practice they can even make a career out of it!

There’s nothing more fulfilling then doing something you love to make a living, that is the ultimate feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Imagine being able to help your family and friends in life because you became a successful professional basketball player.. Now that is something to really think about and consider.

So with all of that being said, let us end with this:

For the love of the game. The love of the sport. For the love of the soul. We hope you can agree that basketball is the best sport.

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